Breno - watercolour size 25x30cm

Breno - watercolour size 25x30cm

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grande Familia

Watercolor 50x60cm
wow! For sure to paint a big family is not an easy work.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Watercolor 20x25cm.
Another very beautiful girl. Gabriella chose this picture to be painted to her dad because She loves crown and she is also a daddy's little princess. I loved to paint it, love the details and the way I turned the dark colors in a very light watercolor. Thank you, Lenir, for this beautiful Gabby and choosing my work as a gift for her father.

Florzinha - Lisa Ratliff

Watercolor 25x30cm
Beautiful girl and Beautiful picture. Her eyes fascinate myself (maybe my 8 year old son as well). I took 2 weeks to have this portrait done and I made this watercolor based on a Black and white picture. It is one of my favorite painting. Thank you, Daria!

A place where a friend were raised

Watercolor 25x30cm.
Some places always reminder us a good time of our lives. Recently a Brazilian friend asked me to paint the place that she was raised. She lives out of her country now and she has been missing a lot her family, her past and her history...

Saco do Ceu, Ilha Grande, Brazil

Watercolor 15x20cm
I made this watercolor 8 years ago. I like the colors and the details.

My sons in Applecross, Perth, Australia.

Watercolor 20x25cm
We love this place, this watercolor is good memory of our afternoons walking, biking or running on the river edge.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sofia's watercolor portrait.

Draw and paint Sofia was a delight. A real therapy. Picture perfect, great resolution, good light and a beautiful girl. The colorful of this watercolor is what I like best. I loved doing her little hand holding the colored ball, the mouth, her eyes... Sofia's watercolor took me two weeks to be completed. I used very small size brushes, from size 0 to down, to get so delicate result. Thank you, Fernanda, for your ordering!
Sofia's picture.

Portrait of my hometown - My first cushion.

After buying a pair of armchairs for my living room, I just missed something on them. Undoubtedly a cushion. But I do not want anything common following the same line of colorful and floral cushions that already have on my sofa. I wanted something different, so decided to do it. I Created, drew the design, cut out fabric and sewed my first cushion in search of a delicate and unique result. Using scraps of fabric I drew my hometown on the cushion made of micro suede. To make the trolley of the Sugar Loaf (turistic point in my hometown) I used a silver bead on a strand of leather, very delicate detail that gave a charm to my cushion.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flavia's purse

For a long time I was planning to do this purse to my sister as a gift. But in my busy life I'd never had time enough to finish this project. After I settled my new life in Katy (Texas) I could finish this purse to her. I drew the design, chose picture and the colors, bought the fabrics and acessories to "build" the purse. I embroidered my nephew's face and sewed a perfect bag to her using micro suede and 100% cotton fabric. I hope she is enjoying it.

Pedro's Watercolour

Watercolour 25x30cm on a fine art paper.